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Evolution to Deskwork

Our intelligence and ingenuity has parked many of us in front of a computer – to create, calculate, write, study, socialize, and watch funny cat videos – for several hours each day. Plus there’s the commute, those meetings, and that relaxing couch time. Some of us love our work and others don’t but what we all have in common is that we spend a lot of time sitting – and it’s not good for us. Not at all.

This website explores the growing enlightenment towards alternate desk arrangements; set-ups that are not only healthier but more enjoyable to work at. Standing desks and sit-stand adjustable height desks have been used for centuries but marginalized until only recently by the ubiquitous, standard desk and chair. But now, as concerns heighten about over-sitting – especially amongst digital workers like programmers, social media community managers, graphic designers, and data scientists – people are again seeing the merits of standing up – at least some of the time – to work.

Standing About aims to be the ultimate resource for information, reviews, and tips about standing and sit-stand desks. We cover everything from ergonomics to economics, providing insights for those considering a change and product reviews for those looking to buy a better workstation. Enjoy!