Silicon Valley Coders Do Stand Up Work

It’s a new trend, but it’s not entirely new. Standing desks, that is. It’s easy to find examples of famous people who did their work standing up decades, even centuries ago: Michelangelo, Jefferson, Churchill. The new part is that this not-so-quirky idea is slowly taking hold in offices across the country.

But nowhere is it more popular, and gaining ground more quickly, than in Silicon Valley–which makes sense since tech companies are, almost by definition, ahead of the curve. San Francisco designer Yves Béhar hit the mark in saying: “Traditional office furniture isn’t well adapted to the way that young companies and young people like to work.”1

AOL offers its employees the option of standing for work. Google offers standing desks as part of its wellness programs. About ten percent of Facebook employees use standing desks. Facebook even offers treadmill desks, so people can not only stand, but also walk while they work.2

Yammer Standers

Employees at Yammer using standing desks. Photo: James Patterson

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Famous Standers

Standing desks aren’t new of course. And there have been many now-famous figures in both distant and recent history who did their work from one. Names include Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Disraeli, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and others such as…

Winston Churchill at standing desk

Winston Churchill used a standing desk in his home study all his life. He lived into his 90s, even after smoking 10 cigars a day. Continue Reading…

Standing Desks: 5 Reasons to Stand More

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a type of desk used for writing, reading or working while standing up or sitting on a high stool. Standing desks were popular in homes and offices during the 18th and 19th centuries, and they were custom-made to fit the height of the user. Modern desks are height adjustable, with ergonomics, to fit most people’s needs.

Happy at a new sit-stand desk

John M. enjoying his new Ergotron Workfit-S sit-stand workstation. Photo: jsmjr

Why Use a Standing Desk?

Today, more and more people are using adjustable desks to be able avoid sitting down. Here are some reasons why one should consider using a standing desk.

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