Pedal Power: Bike Desks

For some merely standing at work isn’t breakthrough enough; they must be working out while at work to fully enjoy their desk. There’s of course the famous treadmill-desk combos but there are – of course! – also bike desks.

Recently Belgian company WeWatt introduced their WeBike, a hybrid bicycle desk that converts the energy of pedaling into electricity for one’s workstation devices.¬†Each desk bicycle comes with a built-in WiFi hotspot and 110 Volt socket. Here’s a video of it…

The WeBike is partly made of recycled material and multiple units can be configured into group workspaces or meeting tables. A round table with three seats costs 9,950 euros, or about $12,725.

For something similar but a bit more affordable and portable, there’s also the FitDesk X Compact Pedal Desk. It’s a simple, quiet, tension-adjustable fold-up cycle with a laptop perch. Perfect for shedding a few pounds while click-clacking away at the keyboard.

FitDesk also sells a Pro version for people who would prefer to use their own bicycle.

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